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Successful completion of projects, transparent and factual interventions, timely and effective communication and clear and precise conceptions and perceptions are the hallmarks of the organization. Continuous increase in the collaborator partners is indicator of our achievements Recognition and sponsorships are pointers to our accomplishments.

Primary Education For Girls in Distt Nowshera

Project started in 1988 in the village of Dag Ismail Khel. The school was handed over to community in 1998 and is at present a recognized middle school fully owned and managed by the community, with 305 students on its roll and six teachers on the staff

Duration: 1988-1998
Donors: Self Funded by DLG

Community Based Girls Primary Schools in Distt Swabi and Khyber Agency (FATA)

New concept of community schools introduced. Project was launched in 1994 with the collaboration of Trust for Voluntary Organization. DLG established 40 schools (30 in Swabi + 10 in Khyber). A total of 1200 students enrolled. All the schools handed over to the community in 1997.

DURATION: 1994-1997

Sexual Health Needs Assessment – Suburban Peshawar

Conducted a survey on “ Sexual Needs Assessments” the objective of the survey was to identify and assess the actual sexual health needs of low-income urban communities withemphasis on girls and women.

Duration: 1998
Donors:Karachi Reproductive Health Project (KRHP)

Swat Kohistan Education Project (SKEP) Kalam, Behrain, Madian (Swat)

Implemented in community of District Peshawar over a Period of 2 months with the objective to launch awareness programme about Family planning and its techniques.

Donors: KSM/ Future Group international U.K

Collection & Disposal of Polythene bags (Peshawar)

A 2 months exercise on experimental basis was conducted in the main street of Tehkal with a view to physical clean the area and educate community to keep their environment clean.

Donors: Environment Protection Agency (EPA)

Family Planning Static Centre FPSC Bahadur Kalay Peshawar

Duration of the Project was one year May 1999–May 2000. The objective was an awareness raising campaign about population control, preserving health of mother and baby, hazardous consequences of early marriage and death rate in delivery cases. The project was wound up by NATPOW in Dec. 1999, As the World Bank discontinued funding. FPSC was however run by DLG under its own funding arrangement

Donors: NATPOW

International Program on the Elimination of Child Labour and Beggary (IPEC) Peshawar

Removal of 240 Children from labour and
rehabilitating them through non-formal
education, health care, counselling, recreational
activities and skill development, in the two RC
at Saddar and Hashtnagari area of Peshawar cantt and City Target R.Cs enhanced to 7 and enrolled children to 560.

Donors: International Labor Organization (ILO)

International Program on the Elimination of Child Labour and Beggary (IPEC) Peshawar

Removal of 240 Children from labour and rehabilitating them through non-formal education, health care, counselling, recreational activities and skill development, in the two RC at Saddar and Hashtnagari area of Peshawar cantt and City Target R.Cs enhanced to 7 and enrolled children to 560.

Donors: International Labor Organization (ILO)

International Program on the Elimination of Child Labour and Beggary (IPEC) Peshawar

Removal of 240 Children from labour and
rehabilitating them through non-formal
education, health care, counselling, recreational
activities and skill development, in the two RC
at Saddar and Hashtnagari area of Peshawar cantt and City Target R.Cs enhanced to 7 and enrolled children to 560.

Donors: International Labor Organization (ILO)

Simplification of Child Labor Laws National/International

Various National Statutes and International instruments on child rights/labour were simplified in English and Urdu. Training Manual of Child Labour Laws and IE&C material for dissemination to various, stakeholders were also devised.

Donors: UNICEF

Formation of a Policy Support Group to help GONWFP line deptts. involved in Child Labour Issues

A strategy paper developed and shared with all stakeholders, including Director Labour/Minister Labour and Manpower for Publication Notification

Donors: Pak-Swiss SSEP sponsors

Survey for SWD on Prevalence of Child Labour in Peshawar

A one-day workshop on Survey and Research Techniques arranged for Govt. officials at the SWD. Carried out survey along with the SWD staff


Qualitative Culinary Study

The objective of the survey was to understand consumer habits, attitudes and practices in the realm of cooking and eating, highlighting seasonal variations and ethnic difference

Donors: Raasta Development Consultants (Karachi)

3 TOTs on Child Labour

3 TOT each of 3 days were arranged with the help of UNICEF/SWD at Peshawar, Abbottabad and D.I.Khan to advance the cause of eradication of child labour. The main aim of the series of workshops was to train representative of GONWFP Line Deptt (SWD, Labour and Education) and from civil society organization as trainers to further the advancement made in the field of child labour eradication and enforcement of child labour laws.


Water Supply Scheme in Tajabad, Peshawar

A hand pump was bought and installed in the Afghan settlement Tajabad, as an acute shortage of potable water was noted there by DLG staff. Tajabad is a target area for DLG’s Child Labor Elimination program

Duration: 2005
Donors: DACCAR and UNHCR

Teacher Training on Functional Literacy

A 2 days training on functional literacy and adult learning organized for teachers of IRC working at Afghan Camps.

Duration: Feb. 2005
Donors: International Rescue Committee (IRC)

4 days Workshop on Labor Laws and Rights – District sBannu, Peshawar, Swabi, Charsadda, Mardan and Nowshera

4 days workshop on Promoting and Defending Labor Rights and Laws arranged for civil society members in all districts mentioned

Duration: Mar 2005 – August 2006

Street Theaters on Workers Rights organized in Mardan, Charsadda, Swabi and Peshawar

Duration: April 2005 – March 2006

Rehabilitation of Child Labor through a Literacy Program

4 Rehabilitation Centers established in Peshawar to provide literacy, counseling, health and recreational facilities to street and laborer children

Donors: German Agro Action (GAA)

Earthquake Relief Operation

Provision of emergency relief supplies to 2000+ families in Mansehra, Districts Battagram (Hazara) and Bagh (AJK)

Duration:Oct 2005 –Jan 2006
Donors: German Agro Action (GAA) & Pvt donations

Survey to Assess Education Needs in Siran Valley (Mansehra)

A needs assessment survey was conducted by DLG staff to identify education sector needs in Siran Valley

Duration:Feb-Apr 2006
Donors: Self Funded

Hydel Power Generation

The hydel power generating system in Trangar, Battagram, which was damaged by the October 8 th earthquake, was rehabilitated with the help of local community. This project benefited 200 families in the area.

Donors: Private Donations and Community Support

Water supply scheme

A water pump was installed with the help of local community in Chowki, Bagh (AJK) which benefited 20 families in the village.

Duration: 2006
Donors: Privat Donations

Vocational Training Courses for women in earthquake affected village, Gulibagh, Mansehra

20 women from earthquake affected skill trained and awarded assets to strengthen their economic and social conditions.

Donors: Private Donations

Strengthening Civil Society to Promote and Defend Workers Rights

Workshops, seminars and street theater performances were organized for civil societymembers in 6 Districts of NWFP to increase awareness of Labor Rights and Laws at the grass roots level. Target districts include Peshawar, Bannu, Charsadda, Swabi, Nowshehra and Akora Khattak.


Primary Education and Skills Training

150 children (girls) provided education, health and skill training facilities at Centers in Tehkal, Peshawar. 20 adult females from the community
also provided trade skills and enterprise development assistance.

Duration:2005 – 2007
Donors: Global Fund for Children (GFC)

Organization Development

GFC provided technical support to DLG with the collaboration of Dasra, Indian NGO.


Livelihood Recovery Program, Shohal Mazullah

Three Vocational Training Centers established for men, women and youths in villages of U.C Shohal Mazullah, District Balakot to strengthen economic status of local inhabitants effected by the earthquake. Trainings were imparted in tailoring, clothing items production, Kashmiri embroidery and electrical skills. Vocational Centers also provided asset awards to trainees and enterprise development assistance.
Training workshops for farming communities were also included in the program to give a further boost to the beneficiaries’ areas.

Duration:2006 –2007
Donors: Give2Asia and GFC

Functional Literacy Center, Shohal Mazullah

A Literacy Center to impart functional literacy education to earthquake-affected children in Shohal Mazullah, District Mansehra, NWFP

Duration:June 2007
Donors: GFC

Health Education and Child Rights Advocacy Program

A program to educate children and adults on good health practices and spread awareness of child rights and child labor laws among parents, employers and general communities is currently being implemented in 8 communities of Peshawar.

Duration: 2006 -2008

Combating Child Labour Through Education and Training

20 Multi-Purpose Centers for working and street children established in Peshawar to provide them with literacy, counselling, skill development, health and recreational facilities.

Donors: ILO

Youth Capacity Building, Jhanda Swabi

An institute in the Name of Khan Zaman Khan Institute of Learning has been established in the village Jhanda Swabi, which accommodate a computer training centre, a Resource Library and a vocational training centre (where stitching, electrician and plumbing courses are taught).
Besides these courses, the institute conducts recreational activities like Tournaments and Trips which help in the capacity building of the youth of the area.

Duration: 2008 -2009
Donors: US Embassy and DLG

Pakistan Earthquake Child Labor Response Project

It is 12 months project for the earthquake affected areas of Tehsil Balakot with focus on 03 Union Councils i.e. Shohal Mazullah, Ghari Habib Ullah and Balakot, District Mansehra. Under the project 12 Rehabilitation Centers would be established where target children will come for the non- formal education 50% of which are girls children. Total number of beneficiaries is 1200 children.

Duration: 2008 -2010
Donors: ILO

National Education Policy and Education issues with focus on Post flood scenario and Talibanization in KPK

Conducted Regional and Provincial orientation workshops at Nowshera and Peshawar.

Donors: Action aid Pakistan

Livelihood Improvement Project

Economic Efficiency of rural livelihoods and ecological integrity enhanced ensuring that livelihood activities do not degrade natural resources within ecosystem.


Extension of water supply from purification plant

Provision of purified water to the flood affected the community at Pirsabaq Nowshera.

Donors: Hisaar Foundation Karachi

Spring grant andSustainable Grant 2013

To improve the literacy rate especially female,Opened another center for students at Swabi,

Duration: 2012- 2013
Donors: GFC

Art and Drawing competition project (Pakistan uplift Program)

Art and drawing competition among students of Govt schools, Private schools, working folks grammar schools and community schools.

Duration:Jan- Mar 2014
Donors: DLG/IOM Pakistan Uplift Program)

Awareness Raising among students about History & Culture of Peshawar through exposure visits

Raise awareness amongst 500 underserved schools of class 8, from 10 various schoolsabout the history and culture of Peshawar through education/exposure visit followed by essay competition and RGDs.

Duration:Oct 15, 2014- March 2015
Donors: DLG/IOM (Pakistan Uplift Program)

Take a Child to School, a project of British Council

“IMPOSSIBLE--Take A Child to School (TACS)” Project at District Nowshera

Duration:Completed Jan- Dec 2015
Donors: British Council


RICH has developed to process its activities under the theme “ Za Yam Pakhtunkhwa” with a view to presenting the province as model of peace tranquillity and progress. In the dossier RICH has already tracked down many events to be held at Tehsil level with focus on giving blizzard to old cultural heritage like that of Mella’s, Folk Music, Folk Dances, Mushairas,
Tradational Games, Festival, Pushtoon Hujras, Theatre Dramas, visit to Archaeological Sites, Art and Craft Exhibitions, Females related Heritage, Youth Programme and Visual Art Exhibitions.

Duration:Jan to March 2016
Donors: Govt of KP Culture Department